At the outset of the Corona Virus crisis in the United States, two people who had never met joined forces to help the restaurant industry in its time of need.  Through a creative process of hair pulling and forehead smacking, they identified the BIG PROBLEM and the idea that might just make a difference.

The problem:  Two groups, Independent restaurants and industry employees in general, are incredibly vulnerable to both the health crisis and its uncertain economic aftermath.

The solution:  Give both groups ways to collaborate and to collectively diversify income.  See how here.

They co-founders:

Dimitra Murphy, owner of Daddy Jones Bar in Somerville, MA.  Dimitra has dedicated herself and her restaurant to celebrating the awesome diversity of Somerville as it undergoes gentrification.  She has two kids she adores and a great hubby.

Peter LeSar, pioneer of Restaurant Growth Research and industry consultant.  He is also the founder of the 2,000-member strong League of Independent Restaurant Owners -- a network of independent restaurant owners who support one another by sharing their expertise everyday.  Peter has a bride and two kids who are the best thing he has going:)

Peter LeSar

Restaurant professionals are hardworking, dedicated to their customers and always trying to do the right thing.  We hope to match their standards.  With our robust e-commerce platform, first-class materials in our products, and with our dream of serving both you as our customer AND the restaurants and workers we all love, please join us in this historic moment when we all can make a difference together.

Love to all...Peter LeSar & Dimitra Murphy

P.S.  Again, to contact us for anything, please email us at love@iloverestaurants.org.