Old Channel Inn


I LOVE RESTAURANTS is honored to announce that Old Channel Inn has been awarded "Essential Independent Restaurant" for Montague, Michigan. 

We have chosen Old Channel Inn in recognition of the special value it brings to its area and because of its goodwill to support the fundraising efforts of other independent restaurants in their communities.

At ILR we have come to terms with a sad truth: 

Many independent restaurants will not survive. Among those will be restaurants that are cherished by their local community and that share values that will be important for these same communities post crisis.

We believe that Old Channel Inn is a great ambassador for independent restaurants, for the following reasons:

  • Old Channel Inn is has been operating since 1930.  Its 90-year history is deeply entwined with the White Lake Region, making it a multi-generational staple that is iconic to the area.
  • As second home owners and travelers return to the White Lake area, it would never be the same without OCI continuing to stand the test of time.
  • Tradition and ritual is proving itself to be more important than ever in this crisis, and here at ILR we believe that restaurants that play this role will be more important than ever post crisis as we all seek more authenticity and local connection, and retreat from the effects of globalization.

Part of being awarded "Essential Independent Restaurant" is that ILR commits itself to fundraising on behalf of Old Channel Inn and, its employees and to support the fundraising efforts of other independent restaurants in the area.

To support Old Channel Inn, we encourage you to visit I LOVE RESTAURANTS.  The vast majority of gross profits, between $3.50 and $11 per item you purchase from the link above, will be gifted to help Old Channel Inn and its team to weather out the storm.

Moreover, we will also provide referral links to each staff member of Old Channel Inn and to other interested independent restaurants in the area so that they too can encourage support from you, their friends and loved ones. 

Our fundraising campaign in the area will continue for several months.

Please look for the links to I LOVE RESTAURANTS as they circulate around town, and support our country to preserve its essential independent restaurants.

Love, Peter LeSar & Dimitra Murphy

P.S.  As you order items from I LOVE RESTAURANTS, please copy and paste the following Old Channel Inn Referral link in your social media telling your friends and loved ones why you did so.  Your efforts will encourage the support of others:)