I Love Restaurants Announces Its "Essential Independent Restaurant" Award

The world has now changed forever.

And, here at ILR, we have come to terms with a sad truth:

Many independent restaurants will not survive. Among those will be restaurants that are cherished by their local community and that share values that will be important for these same communities post crisis.

Our job at ILR is to help restaurants and restaurant employees to replace lost income so that they can come through this crisis intact.  Our program is universal, in that any restaurant and employee who wants to leverage its tools to create income for themselves is absolutely encouraged to do so.

In this crisis, however, we now know that ILR has to go one step further to support that one independent restaurant in each community whose community contributions and values will be most needed as the world recovers.

Specifically, our actions will be as follows:

1.  In each community that we approach, we will seek to identify that one independent restaurant that is most essential to survive and rebuild coming out of the crisis.  We will award the winner as the "Essential Independent Restaurant" for that community.

2. We will use a variety of criteria, but the most important will be that restaurant's contributions to community and the need for its values to be expressed and continued post crisis.

3.  The value of the EIR Award is that I LOVE RESTAURANTS will invest its time and resources to lead a fundraising effort on behalf of that restaurant and its employees.  We will work with them as a group and individually to replace lost income with the goal that they become sufficiently capitalized to restart, rebuild and to make their own contributions to community.

4.  Time is short and risks are increasing quickly, so we will be moving as quickly as we can.  If a valued restaurant was not selected, it should be blamed on our recognition that speed is even more important than finetuning between finalists.  We recognize that we cannot help all, but will do our best to help as fully as possible those that are awarded "Essential Independent Restaurant".

If you wish to apply for this award or to recommend a restaurant in your community, please write to love@iloverestaurants.org to explain why.

Love, Dimitra Murphy & Peter LeSar