I LOVE RESTAURANTS + OUTLANDERS launch a multi-month fundraising campaign to help independent restaurants and their employees in Marquette, MI

I LOVE RESTAURANTS recently awarded Outlanders in Marquette, MI as an Essential Independent Restaurant.  See:  https://www.iloverestaurants.org/blogs/news/outlanders-awarded-essential-independent-restaurant-in-marquette-mi.

As award recipient, Outlanders accepted a new role in Marquette, MI, which is to help other independent restaurants and their employees to fundraise.

Says ILR founder Peter LeSar:  “Our contribution in this time of crisis is to help whole communities of independent restaurants and their employees to replace lost income, so that they stand the best chance to survive coming out of this crisis.  America would be a sadder place if the crisis empowered the chains to the detriment of independent restaurants who are the fabric of community identity. We all need to work together to prevent this.”

Says Outlanders founder Anne Klinger:  “Our independent restaurants and their employees all need capital to survive.  We are all thankful for the government’s efforts, but we all now know that more is needed to assure that Marquette’s independent restaurants don’t falter in the aftermath of the health crisis.  We are asking everyone in Marquette to lend a hand.”

In this regard, ILR is asking the community to shop at this following link from which it will gift virtually all gross profits of $3.50 to $11+ per item to Outlanders for rehiring and business stabilization:  https://www.iloverestaurants.org/?ref=A8-XfPCITLgr.

In the coming days and weeks of this campaign, we will announce as other Marquette area restaurants and employees join the campaign and will post their individual links as well.

Please note that ILR founders Dimitra Murphy & Peter LeSar are not salaried.  They are rolling this effort out across the country, because they believe that a national movement of consumers is critical to support independent restaurants as they fight to survive, recover and to give back to their communities.

Peter LeSar & Dimitra Murphy, Cheerleaders-in-chief for Independent Restaurants

ABOUT ILR: Our only job is to help independent restaurants and their employees to replace lost income so that they can protect and add value to the individual character and identities of their communities.

For more information, visit https://www.iloverestaurants.org/?ref=A8-XfPCITLgr.

Email: love@iloverestaurants.org.