Odd Fodder

I LOVE RESTAURANTS is honored to announce that Odd Fodder has been awarded "Essential Independent Restaurant" for Toledo, Ohio. 

This award is granted to only one restaurant per American community.

At ILR we have come to terms with a sad truth:

Many independent restaurants will not survive. Among those will be restaurants that are cherished by their local community and that share values that will be important for these same communities post crisis.

Among the many wonderful independent restaurants in Toledo, Ohio, Odd Fodder has been chosen because of its innovation and its ability to act as ambassador for other independent restaurants in the area.

  • Odd Fodder celebrates fast casual serving 4 different styles of food. "People are on the go, on the run, and they have way more on their plate than they can handle," owner Scott Bowman said. "Our purpose with Odd Fodder is, 'Life decisions made easy.”  Odd Fodder is an elevated micro food court that can fit into almost any real estate, offering customers an amazing variety of aspirational, interesting cuisine at fast casual prices and turnaround times.
  • The innovative use of real estate to serve multiple restaurant concepts from a single kitchen and team, puts Odd Fodder at the forefront of creating more from less in our industry.  It serves as a flexible profit model for all restaurants to watch post crisis as reduced consumption and increased desire for exploratory experiences will put pressure on those who are restrained by outsized real estate and limited offerings.
Part of being awarded "Essential Independent Restaurant" is that ILR commits itself to fundraising on behalf of Odd Fodder, its employees and on behalf of any interested independent restaurants in the area.

With the proceeds, Odd Fodder will be able to rehire staff, feed frontline medical workers during this crisis and to purse this new independent model with zeal coming out of the crisis. 

To support Odd Fodder, we encourage you to visit I LOVE RESTAURANTS.  The vast majority of gross profits, between $3.50 and $11 per item you purchase from the link above, will be gifted to help the team raise funds and bring people back to work.  Moreover, we will also provide referral links to each staff member of Odd Fodder and to any interested independent restaurant in the area so that they too can encourage support from you, their friends and loved ones.

You have a real chance to help return the love that the Fodder Restaurants has shared with you, your family and friends.

Our fundraising campaign on their behalf will continue for several months.

Please look for the links to I LOVE RESTAURANTS as they circulate around town, and support your area to preserve America's essential independent restaurants.

Love, Peter LeSar & Dimitra Murphy

P.S.  As you order items from I LOVE RESTAURANTS, please copy and paste the following the Odd Fodder link in your social media telling your friends and loved ones why you did so.  Your efforts will encourage the support of others:)